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My Profile PictureStarting from Scratch…aka never being taught, I took my knowledge of sound equipment and lighting and decided to create something a bit different. (Original Plan was to become a full scale production company. Problem was I couldn’t borrow a million from the banks!) So, I found a very good friend who has helped me get to where I am today by providing me with the funding to get started.

8OH8 Productions began it’s journey 9 years ago demanding a little more out of just another DJ Service. It demanded that unlike most DJ’s who hide behind the decks while at an event, that I combine my skills as an MC, Entertainer and DJ to form something that people around the world will recognize as different and unique…adding humor and wit to the elements making myself one well rounded MeCanX which is also short for “I can do anything”! Oh, and did I mention I can dance too?

I have developed my skills in all three areas mentioned above over the last nine years to bring you something Different and Unique.

Answering the question: Aren’t all DJ services the same?

To which I will always reply! NO!

*** So please take time to checkout more about my services when if comes down to your event. And remember I do all types of events so all you have to do is pick up the phone and give me a call at 316-351-8268 or shoot me an email via the contact page! I’m looking forward to talking with you and if you get my voicemail, please leave a message as I will get back with you as soon as possible!

6 thoughts on “About the DJ”

  • This DJ hosted my wedding in 2007. Everybody left my reception saying that this was the best wedding they had ever been to. We actually had to pay him to stay longer because everyone was having such a good time. When is the last time you have been to a wedding where people wanted to stay longer? Usually everyone is watching the time and heading for the door as soon as it is appropriate. By the second song, the dance floor was full and all the way to the last song the dance floor was full. On the last song, he had our family and close friends join hands in a circle while he replayed “Our song” and we danced again together, surrounded by the people who meant the most in our lives. No one can put a price on that kind of memory.

  • Where do I begin? We selected 8OH8 Productions quickly after talking with just one referral. We got married in 2010 and to this day our friends still talk about how fun our wedding was!! Joel met with us 2 times before the big day and he payed close attention to how we wanted the night to go (timeline, first dance, etc.) Joel got people laughing, out of their seats and just kept things moving in a timely manner. Thank you 8OH8 for making our wedding reception so entertaining and oh so special!
    ~Trevor & Katie Church

  • My wife and I met Joel in 2011.. we had some dinners together, kept in close touch and planned one of the best wedding receptions of all times..on october 20th,2012 our wedding day, was the best day and night of all times everyone was having such a great time, at midnight we still had 60plus people that paid him to stay till 3am..all of our friends and family were very impressed, as well as my wife and I..turned out better than my best wishes..we would recommend him time and time again..our friends keep asking if we are gonna have a 1 year party and have him back, it truly was the best night ever! !! Thanks joel for all your hard work and dedication to detail and for being so interactive and helping every have such a great time!!!!

    • AMAZING NIGHT!! I still have people say wow your wedding reception was off the hook, you have got to have another party and bring that DJ back!! Everybody loved him and he had so much energy, enthusiasm, and by far the BEST DJ AROUND!! Thanks Joel for a lifetime memory ..

  • Joel is an awesome DJ. We had him for our Prom Night event and he was the life of the event. He is a very different from the normal conventional DJs. He interacted with all the students and made everyone a part of the event. He basically ran the show. He taught us dances to songs that the students had no idea to and also he made the students be on the dance floor at all times instead of being in the corner watching others perform. Thanks Joel for the great event, and I will no doubt recommend him for your schools prom 🙂

  • Joel is a one of kind DeeJay, combining amazing talents as an entertainer, MC and dancer. He has many years of experience and definitely knows what he’s doing. Anyone in the MidWest booking his wedding service, will get a very special event!
    Thanks Joel for all the hard work you’ve been doing!

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