The Question here is: Is it a good idea to not send out snail mail RSVPs?

I can see how this could be quick and easy but also there is the chance that you will leave the “not so in touch with technology” people out of the equation. (Yes, they still do exist)

I will try to give a good argument for why I think you can use both together.

1. They are not convenient but they still can be used. Just less of them.


photo source: offbeatbride.com

Unfortunately, in some aspects, we are conditioned to expect convenience at every corner.

Q: Why visit the department store when we can order online?
A: Because it might not always fit right or might arrive broken.

Q: Why cook something from scratch when we can pick it up from a restaurant?
A: Because you can actually save a lot of money doing it that way.

As you can see above…Yes, convenience is great but there are some aspect to being inconvenienced that actually can work in your favor.

So the question is: How do you find a balance?

Of course filling out little cards and putting them back in the mail can be a pain. I myself am guilty of either forgetting to do it or just not doing it at all and still showing up.

What I would suggest is that you figure out how many people that are not “connected” (which might take a quick glance at your guest list) and then create RSVP just for them. (Remember, the RSVP doesn’t always have to be super fancy. Plus it can save on costs by not having to send so many out.)

Now I know that sometimes buying in bulk is a little bit more cost effective but in this case, even if it costs a little more for fewer RSVP’s you will still be saving a ton on postage!

Once you have done that, you can easily set up a digital RSVP page that your “more connected” guests can register at.

The downfalls to Snail Mail RSVP cards:

  1. Can get lost by the guests
  2. Can get lost in the mail

Now as we can see, there are always Pros and Cons to everything but I would suggest looking into both options and maybe combining them so that you can cover both parts of the equation and not leave any one out.

Article by: Joel Gutierrez aka MeCanX