A Candy Room, Candy Bar or Candy Station

A Candy Room, Candy Bar or Candy Station

This was something that I have ran across on the Internet that I haven’t seen at whole lot of at the actual receptions. I do think it’s a really good idea though.

A lot of wedding couples like to have trinkets and other nick-knacks sitting on their guests table…but what if you changed it up a little bit and gave your guests a container of some sort to be able to take home whatever candy they would like from your “Candy Room“, “Candy Bar” or “Candy Station“.

Table Decor
Pictured: Trinkets and Nick-Knacks

Pictured Below is a “Candy Station” from a wedding reception:

Probably can't take the olives home though...
Probably can’t take the olives home though…

I like the idea of being able to give your guests options…I personally would take full advantage of this…

It seems to be a big hit with the guests. They get a container to keep as a sentimental value and get to take candy home too! It’s a win-win situation…

My guess is they would be heading home saying how “Sweet” your reception was!

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