Client Testimonies

If you have never seen someone in action, then you don’t know exactly what they have to offer.

So what I’ve done is collected a few client testimonies here for you to watch from people who have walked up to me and gave me a compliment. I asked them if they wouldn’t mind saying that on camera and the videos below are just a few of the tons of compliments I get each time I go out to DJ for an Event.

Am I tooting my own horn? Yes, yes I am…but it’s because I do what I do because of people like this.

I know not everyone that comes to this website knows who I am or what I do. So I have created this page of actual client testimonies after the event.

Clients tell you what they think of 8OH8 Productions

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One comment on “Client Testimonies

  1. Kelly Unruh says:

    Joel is a dream to work with. Very professional and very personable. I would highly recommend him. He was the DJ for my daughters wedding and dispite the hiccup of a power outage at the venue(the power came on after the ceremony was finished). We also had the photo booth. A big hit!

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