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Tessa & Ben’s Wedding the Full Package

In this post I wanted to highlight the fact that now 8OH8 Productions is able to meet a multitude of your needs by being able to provide you with not only just DJ Service but also:

Outdoor sound for your wedding:

outdoor wedding setup outdoor wedding setup 2 outdoor wedding during

If you notice, you can’t even see the speaker(s) as I try to make sure that they are hidden so they don’t end up in your photographers shots!


inside uplighting wedding 3 inside uplighting wedding 2

Up-lighting adds a lot of what I like to call “Flavor” to your surroundings. It can accent just the head table, or around the whole room!

Photo Booth:

bt3 bt1bt2

And of course don’t forget the DJ Service to finish it all off!

8OH8 Productions is all about making your planning for your special day a lot simpler by offering this all as a package deal, or you can piece together what works best for you. Whatever your style, 8OH8 Productions is here to help!

8OH8 Selected as Preferred DJ Service for Brides Against Breast Cancer Show

I’ll keep it simple here but just wanted to let everyone know that 8OH8 Productions has been selected as the exclusive DJ Service for the Brides Against Breast Cancer Show.

I am excited to finally get the chance to be a part of an awesome cause and at the same time be able to exhibit my talents along with my photo booth! So if you are in the market for a wedding dress at a tremendous discount plus the chance to see me…all you have to do is check out the pic below for more details.

Or go here to register: http://www.bridesabc.org


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