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Really Cool Wedding Aisle Runner

I saw this and thought what an awesome idea!

It’s a wedding runner that starts from when they met and as it goes closer to the alter also follows the timeline of their relationship. Such a great idea!

The easy part would be all you would have to do is go to Facebook and get all the info for it…

Source: via Pink Barn Photography on Pinterest

The Hottest 2013 Bridal color: Mint

Many times a couple is particular about the colors they have at their wedding/reception. Now, honestly I am a guy who is not really into any colors other than Silver and Blue. (Detroit Lions fan here, don’t hate me lol)

But on a serious note, to a woman it can be a very big deal.

Now, my question here is: Would you ever consider Mint and Coral? Even Mint and Peach?

I find these colors to be interesting and I’ve never been a fan of mint + peach or mint + coral but these do seem to go well together.

Mint and coral 2 dress

Source: Uploaded by user via BridesGroomsParents on Pinterest


Mint and Peach

Source: via Thalia on Pinterest


teal and coral 1

Source: via Katherine on Pinterest


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